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If you are sick and tired of boring conventional vacations, if you want to see the side of Dalmatia and especially Zadar region invisible to the eye of a regular tourist, if you want that your next journey becomes the journey of your life-DON’T MOVE, this is place made for you. ThingsToDoInZadar.com is created to respond to all possible desires that a modern man could have regarding his long awaited vacation. We are specialists in tailoring unforgettable holidays in Croatia combining high quality services and activities with unique, spontaneous moments in order to provide you an authentic experience that you will talk about for years. Start planning your trip with us and we will show you the side of Croatia you never knew existed.



You can leave the stress at home

The only thing you need to do is choose a holiday package that you like the most and the rest is on us. Our team will attend your vacation to every detail (transport, hotels, bars & restaurants, activities) and provide you all the necessary information, so you can focus your attention on things that really matter – friends, family, recreation and enjoying your unique Dalmatian experience.

One of the most beautiful regions in the world

If you still haven’t put Dalmatia and Zadar on your ‘places to see’ list, the time to do it is now. Whether you are travelling alone, with your friends, partner or a family, this region is offering you wide range of attractions that we will arrange to suit perfectly to your interests, preferences and possibilities. Mild climate, deep blue see, hundreds of islands, untouched nature, rich cultural heritage and tradition, gastronomy, breath taking hinterland, unique lifestyle and the kindest people in the world – Dalmatia is really place to be.

Individual approach

Our holiday packages are made for small groups in order to offer you personalized, high quality services, but yet to give you the possibility to make bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime and are integral part of the experience that we are creating for you. Our guides are always at your disposal, ready to fulfil all your requests and meet your expectations.

Online booking

Trying to adapt to the needs of a modern man, we made all our holiday packages clear and easily bookable online in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time on long meetings with travel agents and to make your travel planning enjoyable and fun.

Flexible arrangements

Even though Croats invented a tie, our arrangements are not made to tie up your holidays. All our holiday packages are created for you, and you only, so we are always open for your special requests and suggestions that we will be happy to fulfil.

We are making your dreams come true

We are not just planning your holidays. Our goal is not just to fulfil your vacation time in Zadar region, but to make that time perfect. We want to create you an experience that will inspire you throughout the whole year and memories that will always lead you back to Zadar and Dalmatia, no matter how far your homeland is.