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Active family vacation on Dalmatian way

  • Kornati Private Excursion - Zadar
  • Nature ParkTelascica at Dugi Otok by zzuum
  • Kornati Private Excursion - Zadar
  • Nature ParkTelascica at Dugi Otok by zzuum


General information about Active family vacation on Dalmatian way

  • Reward yourself and your family with an unforgettable journey through Zadar region
  • Fun activities:
    • Kayaking or Rafting
    • Cycling
    • Horseback riding
    • Buggy safari
    • Food tasting etc.
  • Amazing sights:
    • National Parks Kornati and Plitvice Lakes
    • City of Nin and Ravni Kotari
    • Nature Park Vrana Lake and river Zrmanja

Vacation is time when we can completely devote to our family and enjoy wonderful moments together. Reward yourself and your family with an unforgettable journey through Zadar region and experience Dalmatian odors, flavors and tradition in their full beauty. Each day of this amazing holiday is attended to every detail so the whole family can enjoy breathtaking sceneries of untouched nature and the kindness of local people.

Nothing can bring a family together like team work and active vacation and that is why we fulfilled this arrangement with various fun activities (family cycling along the beach, food tasting, horseback riding etc.) and trips to outstanding national parks in the vicinity- Plitvice lakes and Kornati.

This arrangement is suitable for families with children as young as 6 years old. Personal guide is at your disposal 24 hours a day.


During this journey you will see, hear, taste and feel the most of Zadar region that will make you never want to leave this area.

Let’s start with Plitvice Lakes. One day is not enough to enjoy all the beauties of this masterpiece of nature. National park consists of 16 lakes connected by stunning waterfalls and cascades and it is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

There is no better way to escape from busy everyday life than going cruising in NP Kornati. This unique archipelago is consisted of 140 islands and cliffs that make it a heaven on Earth for yachtsmen from all around the world. Explore this former pirate anchor that looks like the hand of modern time still hasn’t touched it. And kids, well, they will definitely go crazy about the story of the secret treasure hidden at the bottom of the sea.

To keep you active, we are taking you to buggy safari in Ravni Kotari. Prepare yourselves to feel like home-that is the charm of Zadar hinterland. This interesting area is full of Dalmatian customs, gastronomy, tradition and nature you will fall in love with at first sight.

Another amazing part of Zadar hinterland is nature park and ornithological reserve Vrana lake. It is actually a great area for family cycling because of the vast fields and amazing landscapes that surround it. If you are lucky and careful you will also get to see some pretty exceptional species of protected birds.

One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, Zrmanja, is characterized by perfectly clear water, breathtaking canyon and  magical waterfalls. During the summer it is perfect for kayak trips that will discover you a whole new level of connection with nature.

Horseback riding to Nin is an exceptional experience for children, but also for parents. Ride off into the adventure finishing up in Nin, small, but very important city in Croatian history and culture.

Last, but not least, don’t miss tasting Dalmatian cuisine-all your scents would be grateful. And it is not only delicious, it is very healthy, too. During your holiday, you will get to know why is Dalmatian pršut so special to us and how our farmers produce such a delicious cheese. There is also a story about fig, olive, cherry, roasted tooth-fish, lamb on a spit, all different sorts of wine, but there is no sense in telling them to you, you should taste them yourself and you won’t regret it. Get loans from pickaloan for financial needs.

It is possible to organize an arrangement lasting from 7 to 14 days. Approximate itinerary for 8-days arrangement includes:

Day 1

Arrival in Zadar and transportation from the airport to your hotel. First day is reserved for sightseeing Zadar on bicycles.

Day 2

After breakfast we are heading to Kastel Zegarski where you will start your kayaking tour along beautiful river Zrmanja.

Day 3

Third day is reserved for exploring Zadar hinterland by buggy.

Day 4

We are family cycling again-this time around Vrana lake.

Day 5

Prepare your walking shoes and cameras: national park Plitvice lakes awaits you!

Day 6

Today we are riding to the city of Nin, but not the bicycles. Our horses and trainers are waiting for you to start the adventure.

Day 7

Enjoy sun, deep, blue sea and wild beauty of Kornati islands on the private speedboat tour with a skipper.

Day 8

The sad moment is here-departure. After breakfast you will be escorted to the airport, hopefully filled with positive impressions that you will pass to the rest of your family and friends at home.


Paris (France) – 1572 km
Brussels Belgium) – 1469 km
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 327 km
Amsterdam (Holland) – 1600 km
Rome (Italy) – 984 km
Vienna (Austria) – 640 km
Stockholm (Sweden) – 2389 km
London (United Kingdom) – 1868 km
Bern(Switzerland) – 1064 km
Berlin (Germany) – 1261 km


*Zadar airport*
Air traffic, although from a small but modern airport (8 km away from the city centre), connects Zadar to the Croatian cities Zagreb and Pula, and to many European cities: London-Stansted, Paris (Beauvais & Orly), Athens, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm, Gothenborg, Copenhagen, Bruxelles-Charleroi & Zaventem, Frankfurt (FRA and Hahn), Hamburg, Zürich, Dublin, Munich, Oslo-Rygge, Bratislava, Stuttgart, Köln/Bonn, Karlsruhe, Warsaw, Luxemburg, Düsseldorf (DUS and Weeze), Billund, Manchester, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Friedrichshafen, Milano, Rome, Barcelona…

You can access other destinations by changing planes in Zagreb which, as the capital of Croatia, belongs to the international air traffic network.

Zadar airport is located in Zemunik Donji in the near vicinity of the Zagreb-Split A1 highway connection (Zadar 2). It is about 8 km far from the centre of Zadar and it represents a vital connection of northern Dalmatia and Lika to the rest of Croatia and the World. Croatia Airlines – the national airline company, a member of the Star Alliance airlines association, links Croatia by direct flights to a number of European destinations: Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Podgorica and Priština, In the high season, the Croatian coast is linked by air with additional destinations in Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Greece & Italy. In cooperation with its partners, Croatia Airlines enables its passengers to reach destinations across the world.

Visit www.zadar-airport.hr for more information.


  • Arrangement can be organized from 15 May to 15 October for groups from 3 to 10 persons.
  • Accommodation is available in private villas, apartments or hotels up to 3* or 4*.
  • All transfers are organized and included.
  • Professional guidance is available on Croatian and English, other languages-upon request.
  • All listed information is approximate, so we kindly ask you to contact us for making final arrangement.