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Pedal through the Zadar archipelago cycling tour – self guided tour

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  • Sali Dugi otok cycling vacation
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  • Cycling vacation Kali Ugljan
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General Information about Pedal through the Zadar archipelago cycling vacation

This cycling vacation gives you the possibility to cycle on amazing three islands of the Zadar archipelago. The itinerary will also lead you towards the ancient cities of Zadar and Nin as well the islands Ugljan, Pašman and Dugi otok. Like that, you will get to know how life on Dalmatian coast and islands really looks like.

The highlights on this cycling vacation are:

  • cities Zadar & Nin
  • nature park Telašćica
  • viewpoint St. Michael
  • beautiful coastal roads
  • small Mediterranean villages

Cycling vacation are a great example how vacation can be active and fun, but yet, totally relaxing. During this cycling vacation in a self guided version you will get to know cities of Zadar and Nin and also 3 main islands of the Zadar archipelago (Ugljan, Pašman and Dugi otok) and their smaller neighbours. While interacting with the environment and the islanders, you will get to know how life on Dalmatian islands really looks like, from past times up to today. On you is just to relax and zzuum crew will do the rest. With our custom made brochures and gps routes you will be able to enjoy exploring the attractions on your own, since we want to provide you flexibility in your daily itineraries. Viewpoints, beaches, nature, people and their tradition will take your breath away and make you want to stay on these islands forever.

The main activity of this cycling vacation will obviously be-cycling and this self guided tour will show you some of the most attractive sights on the islands of the Zadar archipelago: viewpoint St. Michael, Franciscan monastery, mansions of noble families, Kali, nature park Telašćica, etc. We will take care of your luggage and accommodation and you should just enjoy comfortable cycling and island hopping.


Day 1

Zadar airport – Zadar – Ugljan island
Transfer from the airoport to the city of Zadar, free time in Zadar city centre and ferry ride to Ugljan island.

Day 2

Route: Preko – St. Michael – Kali – Kukljica – Preko
Tour lenght: 30 km / Elevation: 660 meters

We start our cycling vacation in Preko, which is the administrative centre of Ugljan island. In this charming village you can discover typical Dalmatian arcitecture or enjoy the view on Zadar Channel. Next stop in the cycling tour is fortress of St. Michael. 3 km long asphalt road leads to this Venetian fortress from 13th century which is located 256m above the sea level. From the fortress you can enjoy amazing view of Zadar archipelago and Kornati islands. After descending to the main road, we continue towards Kali. Kali is the largest village on the island. It is situated on the hill from which spreads the view on the beautiful nature that surrounds it. This village is famous for its fishing tradition, especially tuna fishing but also for production of homemade olive oil. Next stop is Kukljica. It is located on the southeast part of the island by the Strait of Ždrelac that separates islands Ugljan and Pašman. We stop here for lunch so you will have the opportunity to get to know better this popular tourist destination and discover its picturesque narrow streets and sandy beaches that surround it. Our visit to the south part of the island finishes here and we cycle back to Preko.

Day 3

Route: Preko – Sutomišćica – Lukoran – Ugljan – Muline – Preko
Tour lenght: 28 km / Elevation: 364 meters

This cycling route takes us to the north part of the island of Ugljan. We take the gravel cycling path above the main road all the way up to Muline. At Muline you can enjoy swimming on the most beautiful sandy beach of that part of the island. It is called Luka and it’s very popular among the tourists and the local people. At Muline you can also visit an interesting cultural monument – an olive oil mill from 1st century. After Muline, you will arrive at Ugljan where you have lots of fine restaurants with local cuisine based on homemade products, several bays where you can enjoy swimming but also a number of cultural monuments like villa rustica, convent of St. Hieronymus from 15th century and ancient Christian basilica. Our last stop is Sutomišćica. This village lies in well protected bay where the new and modern marina was built few years ago. Thanks to marina, Sutomišćica attracts lots of yachtsmen but anyone who comes here will fall in love with its beautiful beaches and hidden treasures, such as 17th century villa once owned by Zadar noble family Lantana.

Day 4

Route: Preko – Zadar – Nin – Zadar – Preko
Tour lenght: 52.5 km / Elevation: 444 meters

On the forth day of our cycling vacation we are taking the ferry to get to Zadar and we are going up north to visit the ancient beautiful city of Nin. The bike route is very interesting and it’s combined with asphalt and gravel roads and paths. The city of Nin is a small gem wich will leave you breathless. On the way back, you will stop in Zadar to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world with the music of the one and only sea organs in the world.

Day 5

Route: Preko – Ždrelac – Dobropoljana – Pašman – Ždrelac – Sali
Tour lenght: 44.2 km / Elevation: 665 meters

The fifth day of the cycling vacation we take familiar route towards the south of the island and after a nice ride we arrive at Ždrelac. Ždrelac is situated by the Strait of Ždrelac between islands Ugljan and Pašman. Two islands are connected by 210m long bridge over the strait. From the bridge spreads amazing view over both islands and Kornati archipelago. Ždrelac village offers lots of tourist accommodation, tasteful local cuisine and a chance to meet hospitable local people. From Ždrelac we continue the ride to Dobropoljana, place with rich agricultural tradition but also a place with great potential for tourism. Highest peak of the island, Veliki Bokolj, is located above the village. It is definitely worth visit it because there you can enjoy fantastic view on islands of Zadar archipelago. The last place we visit on this charming island is village Pašman. With its two sandy beaches and several little ports it has become very popular tourist destination. Here you can try homemade wine, olive oil and local food. Our tour finishes here; we ride back to Ždrelac where we take a boat transfer to Sali on the island of Dugi otok.

Day 6

Route: Sali – Telašćica Nature Park – Sali
Tour lenght: 22.5 km / Elevation: 535 meters

Sali is the village with the largest population on the island. It will conquer you with its picturesque charm and beautiful nature that surrounds it. Because of Sali’s vicinity to Kornati National Park and Telašćica Nature Park it is very popular destination. We will cycle all the way to Telašćica Nature Park. It lies on southeast part of the island where you can find rocky meadows typical for this area and Holm oak and Aleppo pine forests. Telašćica bay is the largest and the safest natural port in the Adriatic, very popular among yachtsmen. At Telašćica you will also see 200m high cliffs where Peregrine Falcon nests and it is possible to ride along this natural phenomenon. Another peculiarity is Lake Mir. It is one of the rare European salt lakes where lives endemic species of eel called “kajman”.

Day 7

Route: Sali – Mala Proversa
Tour lenght: 16.5 km / Elevation: 280 meters

On the last day of our cycling vacation we will visit Proversa. Mala Proversa is sea strait which lies between islands Dugi otok and Katina. Proversa port is situated on the both sides of the Katina Island. It provides safe mooring and is very popular among yachtsmen. Enjoying in amazing landscape and beautiful clean sea is perfect way to spend a day before returning to everyday life.

Day 8

Sali – Zadar – Zadar airport
Our cycling vacation has come to an end. Early breakfast and boat trip from Zadar to Sali. Transfer to the airport.


Paris (France) – 1572 km
Brussels Belgium) – 1469 km
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 327 km
Amsterdam (Holland) – 1600 km
Rome (Italy) – 984 km
Vienna (Austria) – 640 km
Stockholm (Sweden) – 2389 km
London (United Kingdom) – 1868 km
Bern(Switzerland) – 1064 km
Berlin (Germany) – 1261 km


*Zadar airport*
Air traffic, although from a small but modern airport (8 km away from the city centre), connects Zadar to the Croatian cities Zagreb and Pula, and to many European cities: London-Stansted, Paris (Beauvais & Orly), Athens, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm, Gothenborg, Copenhagen, Bruxelles-Charleroi & Zaventem, Frankfurt (FRA and Hahn), Hamburg, Zürich, Dublin, Munich, Oslo-Rygge, Bratislava, Stuttgart, Köln/Bonn, Karlsruhe, Warsaw, Luxemburg, Düsseldorf (DUS and Weeze), Billund, Manchester, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Friedrichshafen, Milano, Rome, Barcelona…

You can access other destinations by changing planes in Zagreb which, as the capital of Croatia, belongs to the international air traffic network.

Zadar airport is located in Zemunik Donji in the near vicinity of the Zagreb-Split A1 highway connection (Zadar 2). It is about 8 km far from the centre of Zadar and it represents a vital connection of northern Dalmatia and Lika to the rest of Croatia and the World. Croatia Airlines – the national airline company, a member of the Star Alliance airlines association, links Croatia by direct flights to a number of European destinations: Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Podgorica and Priština, In the high season, the Croatian coast is linked by air with additional destinations in Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Greece & Italy. In cooperation with its partners, Croatia Airlines enables its passengers to reach destinations across the world.

Visit www.zadar-airport.hr for more information.



  • on request


  • accomodation 3* (hotel or private accommodation) in double room with half-board (4 nights on Ugljan, 3 nights on Dugi otok)
  • ferry and boat tickets
  • info guide book withb
  • bike routes (kml or gps file)
  • nature park Telašćica entrance
  • boat and car transfers
  • luggage transfers
  • picnic lunch x 4 – sandwich, fruit, water (available on days without lunch)
  • lunch x 2 (2nd day in Kukljica and 4th day in Nin)
  • 24/7 ZZUUM assistance

Not included:

  • drinks during lunch (2nd and 4th day)
  • bike rental


  • bike rental (6 days/80 euros) with all the equipment: helmet, bike lock, bike pump, spare tires & tool kit
  • electric bike rental (6 days/160 euros) with all the equipment: helmet, bike lock, bike pump, spare tires & tool kit
  • bike guide
  • this tour can be adjusted upon clients wishes (duration of the tour and itinerary)